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The daily success of STUDIO CAMBARERI depends on the quality of the People who work there:

this is why quality performance and talent are rewarded here.

Becoming part of our Firm means joining a team of close-knit professionals who are part of a professional firm where ample space is given to the contribution of each resource.

An environment in which ideas and diversity merge with VALUES and COMMITMENT to give life to new challenges and encourage SUCCESS.

Find out how to make a difference.


Studio Cambareri allows young surveyors graduates, with an adequate curriculum, to participate in the selection of candidates for completing the internship period of 18 months. At the end of each semester, trainees undergo an internal evaluation in order to verify the preparation acquired and to determine the possible renewal, for the same period, until the completion of the 18 months foreseen.

With a view to providing Customers with a primary level technical service, it is essential for our Firm to pay particular attention, first to the selection, and then to the training of new trainees, who must possess specific requirements such as competence, dedication and sensitivity in order to to fully satisfy Customer needs. In particular, the candidate is immediately put in a position to develop his/her relationship skills with Customers and, in general, with all the subjects with whom our Firm deals on a daily basis.

The activity of the intern provides, from the moment of insertion, a direct involvement in the activities of competence of our Firm, always with the supervision and coordination of more experienced professionals. This involvement has the purpose of guaranteeing the trainee an efficient and extensive training in many sectors, and therefore an adequate preparation for passing the qualification exam for the profession.

The goal of providing Customers with a first-class service depends on the people who are part of it. For this reason, a brilliant course of study combined with motivation and the ability to work in a team are essential requirements for those who want to get in touch with a reality contemplated by our Firm.

Finally, the preparation and training of surveyors within our Firm represents one of the fundamental requirements for any involvement in future collaborations.

To apply, you must send your curriculum vitae accompanied by a short letter of presentation and authorization to process personal data to this e-mail address:

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