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Studio Cambareri in Orbassano has always collaborated with the best companies, businesses and craft firms in the area in order to be able to guarantee its customers a 360-degree service.

Condo management

Studio Cambareri carries out real estate management activities on behalf of its clients in the City of Turin area, in pursuit of the strategic choices indicated with the aim of constantly enhancing the properties, and offers a clear and transparent asset management service.

Building design

Studio Cambareri in Orbassano deals with the design of residential, industrial and commercial buildings, real estate complexes and accommodation and agricultural structures.

Cadastral procedures

Studio Cambareri carries out the registration of newly built properties and extensions in general, planimetric changes, transfers, divisions of land and urban areas, tracking and staking out.

Technical appraisals

Studio Cambareri in the province of Turin carries out technical appraisals on buildings and land, dealing with the drafting of thousandth tables, assistance for notarial deeds, asset divisions, mortgage practices.

Inheritance procedures

Studio Cambareri deals with the drafting of the practices for the declaration of succession: a mandatory requirement to communicate to the Revenue Agency the takeover of the heirs in the patrimony.

Energy Performance Certification (APE)

Studio Cambareri prepares the Energy Performance Certificate (APE), a mandatory document in case of sale, lease and advertising of properties for sale or rent.

Building Regularity Report (RRE)

Studio Cambareri is able to certify the building and town planning compliance of a property through the Building Regularity Report (RRE), as outlined in the protocol of understanding among Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, and Notaries.

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